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The Belize Barrier Reef is one of the world’s outstanding barrier reef systems, containing a necklace of three offshore atolls, hundreds of sand cays and patch reefs,mangrove forests, coastal lagoons, estuaries and a thriving ecosystem comprised of approximately 500 species of fish, 134 bird species, three varieties of nesting sea turtles, and one of the largest populations of West Indian Manatees.


Glover’s Reef Atoll supports extraordinarily high biological diversity and possesses the greatest range of coral reef types in the Caribbean Sea. The atoll’swell-developed spur and groove outer reef structure encircles a shallow lagoon that is dotted with more than 800 patch reefs.  The peripheral reef is broken in only three places by deep channels.

The shallow protected waters of the atoll’s lagoon provide nursery and feeding habitats for three species of sea turtles,eight species of sharks and rays, more than twenty species of aggregating reef fish, and numerous species of coral.  The north-eastern corner of the atoll is the site of one of the Caribbean’s largest and last remaining Nassau grouper spawning aggregations, a spectacular biological phenomenon with cultural and economic importance that is severely threatened across the Caribbean.  Other economically important species found within the atoll include: Caribbean spiny lobster, queen conch, black grouper, hogfish and mutton snapper.  For more detailed information regarding the species and habitats of Glover’s Reef Atoll please see Glover’s Reef Field Guides.

The atoll is located in a sub-tropical climate, with average temperatures between 24ºC and 27ºC.  During November to February it is slightly colder due to northern winds and the likelihood for stormy weather and frequent rain is higher.  During the months of June to November there is also the potential for Glover’s Reef to be subject to hurricanes.  For more detailed information regarding Belize's weather please visit the Belize National Meteorological Service Website

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