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Arrival and Departure

A supply run and staff changeover occurs every two weeks on Friday (weather permitting). If there is space on this routine trip we can carry a number of guests and passengers at the most economical rate.  Please contact the station manager well in advance if you wish to plan your trip to coincide with shift change days.


Your safety is our first priority on any boat trip.  Whether you are crossing the blue; exploring the lagoon within the atoll; with our scheduled trip, or as a special charter, all trips are contingent on the weather.  The final decision to postpone boat trips due to inclement weather falls on the captain and/or the manager.  Please understand that any such decision, no matter how inconvenient, is based solely on your safety. You should contact the station 24-48 hours prior to travel to confirm weather conditions and timings. A release form will need to be signed by all passenger PRIOR to boarding the boat from the mainland.

Life jackets will be provided on all trips to and from the atoll, and are required to be worn by all passengers.



WCS Glovers Reef Station
P.O. Box 272, Dangriga Belize
(+501) 532 2153