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Proposal and Application Procedures

For Researchers:

All persons interested in conducting research at the Glover's Reef Research Station are asked to submit a proposal for review using the GRRS Research Proposal Form. All student groups are required to submit a curriculum plan which will be reviewed by WCS (see section on educational groups).  

Use of the station is based solely on approval by the Wildlife Conservation Society. All proposals should be emailed as an attached document in Microsoft Word format to the Operations Manager at The Principal Investigator will be considered responsible for the project, scientifically and administratively, and will be the main contact for GRRS staff unless a qualified alternate has been designated. Investigators will be notified by email of successful project proposals and applications. Research proposals will be vetted to ensure they fit within the station’s mission and comply with the GRRS Research Guidelines.

Process to be able to conduct research at GRRS:

1)    Submit Research Proposal that is in compliance with GRRS Research Guidelines, and have proposal approved by WCS

2)    Acquire scientific research permit from the Belize Fisheries Department (WCS can help, if needed)

3)    Sign a Visitor Release Form, and Dive Release Form if you intend to SCUBA dive

4)    Submit a progress/final report to the Belize Fisheries Department and GRRS upon completion of research

Download Research Proposal template

Download GRRS Research Guidelines 

Scientific Research Permit

Following acceptance of a research proposal by WCS, the Principal Investigator will be responsible for submitting the research proposal to the Belize Fisheries Department in order to obtain the necessary Scientific Research permit.No researcher will be allowed to use the station without first obtaining the necessary Belizean permits or letters of authorization. WCS can facilitate the process by submitting the proposal on the researcher’s behalf. The Belize Fisheries Department charges a non-refundable 250 USD fee, which WCS is able to pay and add to the final station costs. Additional information and details regarding research permits can be obtained by contacting the Fisheries Administrator directly at the following address:

Fisheries Administrator
Department of Fisheries
Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries
P.O. Box 148
Belize City, Belize

The Operations Manager must inform the Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve manager of all visiting researchers prior to arrival at the station. Visiting researchers are also expected to introduce themselves to the reserve staff and provide a briefing on their permitted research including methodologies and study sites before initiating work. The Marine Reserve staff will assist in facilitation of the research projects as agreed between the researcher(s) and introduce the research projects to the Glover’s Reef Atoll stakeholders.

Format for Project Proposal (maximum of 5 pages):

1) Project Title

2) Project Leader - organization and contact information (phone, email)

3) Abstract - one or two paragraphs

4) Objective(s) 

5) Dates Requested - dates of intended Station visit

6) Methods - this is a very important section and should describe your intended activities in enough detail to allow the Station Manager to determine if your expectations can be met.

7) Anticipated Products/Outcomes of Project - contributions to theses, research papers, articles, published abstracts, application to management and conservation, classroom credit, etc.

8) Project Personnel Other Than Leader - list all other persons in your party who will accompany you as participants in the project. Include their functions (co-project leader, student, technician, volunteer, etc.) and affiliations.

Download Research Proposal template

Progress Reports and Renewals

As part of the scientific research permit conditions, a progress/final report is required for all projects and should be submitted to the Belize Fisheries Department upon completion. Permit renewals will not granted without a progress report. WCS requests a copy of the report, which should be sent to the GRRS Operations Manager. 

Click here for an up-to-date price list for Glover's Reef Research Station.

We look forward to a safe and productive field excursion for you at Glover's Reef.


 Photos: Caleb McClennen