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For Visiting Student/Educational Groups

For Student/Educational Groups

All educational groups interested in visiting the Glover's Reef Research Station as part of their curriculum are asked to submit a lesson/curriculum plan for review. All plans should be e-mailed as an attached document in Microsoft Word format to the Operations Manager at  It is advised to contact the Operations Manager before submitting to make sure activities are feasible. Once vetted by WCS, group leaders will be notified by email of successful applications. 

Lesson/curriculum plans should include:

  1. Title: This should reflect the topic which is being taught
  2. Course Instructors and Qualifications:
  3. Students Level: For universities, please designate whether this is an entry-level or advanced course. For secondary schools, please designate grade level.
  4. Learning Objectives:
  5. Activities and Materials: This should include a detailed description of daily plans.  

GRRS promotes the training and capacity building of local students from Belizean universities with international schools. If your group would be interested in sponsoring two local students to accompany your group, please let the Operations Manager know well in advance to help facilitate this arrangement.

Fees: See updated fees

Forms and Policies:

Research Proposal Format (for groups conducting research on Glover's Reef Atoll - see information for researchers)

GRRS Research Guidelines

Visitor Waiver Form 

SCUBA Policy:

When you are coming to dive with us please bring your Dive certification and DAN Insurance information with you. We will need proof of these before any dives can be carried out. Please note that all research dives done from GRRS will be accompanied by a local Dive Master (DM). Aside from being a legal requirement, our DMs will help to coordinate and plan your dives, leaving you to concentrate on data collection. Please see fees for the updated daily cost of a DM. See our SCUBA Policy for more information.


Photo courtesy of Wellesley College Photo by Robin Coleman